We are a small company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and our family farms are located at the base of the Bears Paw Mountains, in the heart of Montana.
Our goal is simple: to make the best tasting pancakes, using ancient grains, that are healthy and wholesome for the whole family. We hope that you will be like us and realize that ancient grains are just simply better for you.
Einkorn will always be the main ingredient in all of our mixes. We truly believe that Einkorn is vastly better for human health than modern hybridized wheat varietals (We call the modern stuff “Frankenstein Wheat)”. Einkorn also has the added benefit of having a different type of gluten that is sometimes easier for some people to digest (me, for example!).
All the best! Viva!


David and Jan

Bearpaw Grains Mission Statement:

~We promote the health of the soil, through “No-Till Sustainable” farming practices~
~We promote the value of ancient grains, such as Einkorn, Teff and Chia~
~We encourage the tradition and health of the Midwest farmer, their families, and their communities~
~We encourage our customers to believe that health and happiness are a precious gift~

Bears Paw