Our Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with any of our products, at any time, for any reason, we will replace the product or refund the full purchase price immediately. No quibbles. No hassles. We have complete confidence in our products.

Please be aware that we are a vey small company (only the two of us!) and we are really trying to make the best product that we can for our customers. Please read the Nutrition Label, Ingredients List, and Allergen Statement on the back label before purchasing.

Please note that our products are not certified as “Organic”, “Non-GMO” or other health-related labelling. However, many of our ingredients are organic, Non-GMO, or offer other health-related features. Please refer to our suppliers (HERE) for reference.

Product Packaging:

We will occasionally update our packaging to better communicate with our customers about our products. Changes to the actual contents of our products will be identified in the Ingredients list and Nutrition Label on the back of the package.

FDA Guidelines and Allergen Statement:

Our manufacturing facility is a WSDA Certified Food Processing facility, and is used only for mixing the ingredients that we use in our products, which includes: Einkorn, Teff, Chia, Oats, Rye, Amaranth, Chickpea, Coconut, Buttermilk Powder, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Salt, and Cocoa.

We only source ingredients from suppliers that we trust. (Click HERE for a list of our suppliers). However, we cannot confirm that our supplier’s facilities (or the entire supply chain) do not come into contact with allergens, such as: soy, nuts, wheat, milk, or other allergens, or inorganic contaminants such as pesticides, chemicals, or non-food grade metals or plastics.

We recommend that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using any of our products.


Einkorn is the original 8,000 year old wheat. The gluten structure in Einkorn is different than modern wheats. There is some research that suggests that some people may find that they can more readily digest Einkorn compared to modern wheats.

However, Einkorn still contains gluten, and customers need to determine on their own if Einkorn poses a medical issue for themselves. Those who have Celiac disease should not consume any form of wheat, which includes Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Durum and Khorasan.

Content on our site is for reference purposes only, and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician or other licensed health-care professional.

Sell By Date:

We use a 1 year “sell by” shelf life from date of packaging at our facility. The FDA issues no expiration requirements for dry baking mixes. However, various research and sources suggest that dry baking mixes can be safe, if unopened, for up to 5 years.

Ingredients (Suppliers):

We purchase ingredients for reputable suppliers only. A list of our suppliers can be found: HERE

We cannot guarantee the quality of our supplier’s ingredients. For example, both Chia and Coconut Sugar are not grown or produced in the United States. (Chia is primarily grown in Bolivia, and Coconut Sugar is primarily produced in Indonesia). Hence, both of these ingredients cannot be “USDA Certified Organic”, even though you will usually see these products listed as “Organic”. Additionally, foreign manufacturing facilities cannot be inspected by USDA personnel for cleanliness or contaminants.

Recipes on our website:

All of the recipes listed by Bearpaw Heritage Grains LLC (on our website, and other related materials) are for information only. You are free to try them, but we cannot guarantee that you will like them, or that they will look like the pictures posted on our website.

If you submit a recipe to our website for publication you will agree that you will not submit material that is copyrighted, or otherwise subject to third party proprietary rights.

Company and website information:

This site is owned, operated, and maintained by Bearpaw Heritage Grains LLC, and was created for your enjoyment, information, and online shopping experience. Your use and browsing of this site, and other company related materials, constitutes your acceptance, without limitation or qualification.

Use of our website, and other company related materials, is at your own risk. Everything provided to you by our company is “AS IS” without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

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