(Posted Dec/17)  LINK  Scientific American: “A Case for No-Till Farming”: Article discusses how damaging traditional plowing methods can be. Quote: “A fundamental drawback of conventional farming is that it fosters topsoil erosion, especially on sloping land. Tillage leaves the ground surface bare and vulnerable to runoff, and each pass of the plow pushes soil downhill. As a result, the soil thins over time.”

(Posted Dec/17)  LINK  Mother Earth News: “No-Till Farming Pros and Cons”. Article talks about how conventional plowing (including organic farming practices) may actually do more harm to the soil than good, by creating a dead zone. Quote: “Plowing and disking a field results in a soil with broken structure lying atop a heavily compressed plow pan (the undisturbed layer that the plow doesn’t reach). This broken-up soil is very prone to being compacted by rainfall.”


(Posted Oct/17): Cover Cropping (post)

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(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  Ancient Grains: Einkorn farmer from Teton Idaho. Has very good historic and scientific information on Einkorn.

(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  Jovial Foods: The largest grower of Einkorn in the world, from Italy. Very good recipes.

(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  Dr. Josh Axe: Lots of good information on the health benefits of Einkorn.

(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  Camas Country Mills: An organic farmer of Teff in Central Oregon (very good people!)

(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  Mascal Teff: Probably the best know supplier of Teff. I think this Teff comes from Ethiopia.

(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  Dr. Josh Axe: Lots of good health information.

(Posted Oct/17)  LINK  The Chia Co: An Australian organic farmer of Chia:

(Posted Oct/17) LINK  Livestrong; Some basic background information on Oats.


(Posted Oct/17): Einkorn harvest 2016 (post)

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(Posted Oct/17) LINK Quote from the book The Soul of Soil: “The farm crisis of the eighties has not disappeared. Farms are still getting fewer and larger overall, while chronic problems of “surplus” and low prices plague those farmers who hold on”.

(Posted Dec/17) LINK  LifeSpa: A great Youtube video by Dr. Douillard, interviewing our good friend Bob Quinn. Bob is one of the first organic grain farmers in the US and created the KAMUT brand of ancient wheat (Khorasan). In this interview he talks about the issues with Glyphosphate in our food supply, as well as the nutritional benefits of ancient grains compared to modern wheats.

(Posted Dec/17) LINK  Quote from the book Growing a Revolution: “A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself (Franklin D. Roosevelt)”

(Posted Oct/17): No-Till Sustainable Farming (post)

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(Posted Dec/17) LINK  All Dr Axe: “4 good reasons why not to eat Seitan” (Vital Wheat Gluten): Make sure you read the label on those “7 grain”, “Squirrelly”, or “Whole grain” breads! Many of them add Vital Wheat Gluten to increase fluffiness. Quote: “If you have celiac disease… you absolutely want to steer clear of seitan. If you’re sensitive to gluten, you’ll also want to avoid it. What about everyone else? Wheat gluten is a highly allergenic protein, which is why I strongly believe that seitan is not truly a health food and should be avoided by not only gluten avoiders, but everyone”

(Posted Dec/17) LINK  All Natural Ideas: “Einkorn Flour: What makes it better than regular wheat flour”. A good general description of the health benefits of Einkorn. Quote: “Modern wheat is drastically different from einkorn. The processing of modern wheat has transformed gluten into an allergy-inducing nightmare nutrient. Einkorn…is better for you because the gluten is different from the gluten molecules in conventional wheat flour.”

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